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Comment est-ce qu'on utilise le mot "tel"? Pouvez-vous donner quelques examples?

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    "Tel" generally corresponds to the English "such," "such as," or "like."

    Examples are numerous:

    tel père, tel fils... (Like father, like son).
    - telle est mon opinion... (Such is my opinion)

    - telle ville me plaît davantage... (I like such a village much more)

    - j'ai lu tel et tel livre... (I read such and such book)

    - tel est pris qui croyait prendre... (Such is taken who thought he took, or "he who thought he took is instead taken")

    - les bêtes féroces telles que le tigre, le lion... (Ferocious beasts such as tigers, lions, etc.)
    - les bêtes féroces tels le tigre et le lion... (same as above)

    - accepter un colis tel quel... (To accept a package as is)

    - laisser les choses telles qu'elles sont... (To leave things as they are)

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