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I want to say " Which food between Arabic food and Malay food, are more delicious? " in Arabic.

I want to put in on my powerpoint. I've to present it tomorrow. InsyaAllah.

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    I didn't fully understand your question. :)

    If you want to ask which cuisine is better, you can say:
    أيهما ألذ، اﻷكل العربي أم الماليزي؟

    And if you want to ask about the tastiest dishes in both cuisines, you can say:
    ما هي ألذ اﻷطباق العربية والماليزية؟

    ما الطعام الذي بين الطعام المالي والعربي ويكون لذيذا؟
    This is the closest answer

    ma al ta'am al alakthar lazaza ben el ta'am al arby aw al malawy ?

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