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What's the difference between ことが and のが?


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    Usually in the dictionary form + ことが or のが, or I-adjective + ことが or のが、meaning is the same.
    ex) わたしは食べることが好きです。=わたしは食べるのが好きです。

    If, however, you put the pronoun of person before ことが or のが, meaning is different.
    ex) わたしは彼のことが好きです。 I like of him.
    わたしは彼のが好きです。 I like of his.
    By the way, you have to put 'の' between the pronoun of something or somebody and 'ことが' when you use this grammer with the pronoun.

    Well, I tried to do the best in this comment but it is not enough I think....
    Hope this is a nice comment for you...:)

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