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Japanese Numbers

0,4,7 and 9 have two ways to write, read and say. Is there a certain time to use one or is it your own preference?

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    Lamentably, they have several ways to say, not only two when we count the objects. Please learn them little by little.

    About the time, we say:
    ichi ji, ni ji, san ji, yo ji, go ji, roku ji, shichi ji, hachi ji, ku ji, juu ji, juuichi ji, juuni ji (= rei ji)

    We don't say "yon ji" nor "shi ji" (4:00) nor "kyuu ji" (9:00).
    As Mario said, I think saying "shichi ji" is generally preferred but there are cases that we need to say "nana ji" not to hear wrong with "ichi ji" and "hachi ji".

    I hope this helps you.

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