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the article ال + subfix ?

i would like to know, when a noun with ال can that noun+belonging subfix ?


can i say: my book as : الكتبي

ect ect.

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    "ال" is a definite article. It's used to identify or refer to a certain thing.
    By using the possessive pronouns, as a suffix, you've already identified the thing you're talking about as being yours, theirs, hers,...etc. So you don't need the definite article "ال".

    Getting back to your example, It's either to say;
    - The book = الكتاب
    In this case the reader or the listener knows what book you are talking about because you must have mentioned it before.

    - My book, your book, their book,... = كتابي، كتابك/كتابكم، كتابهم
    In this case we know that you're talking about a book that belong to someone. This possessiveness define or identify the book and you don't need a definite article.
    So you can't say "الكتابي". It would be like saying "the my book".

    You can Not!.
    Why this is incorrect.!!? practicably you add something to yourself to define it. when you are talking about a book and you try to make it clear which book is that , you add it to a person or its pronoun in order to define it. This is called التعريف بالاضافة so no need to redefine again it with ال
    [ the my book !! ] this is odd even in English

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