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Why is 漢字 necessary in Japanese?

漢字 は とても むずかしい.
Please tell me about the importance of learning kanji.

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    As Sonya_Forest said Japanese has a lot of meanings in the same pronunciation.
    So we can understand the meanings from 漢字。
    And if you meet the unknown word but you know that kanji, you can guess that meaning of new word.

    I know how you feel kanji is very difficult.
    Because I have studied kanji since I was 6 until 18 years old in school even I'm Japanese.

    I hope it helps you :)

    In Japanese there is a lot word which can be written the same kana.
    For example, あめ means "rain" or "candy". Its pronunciation is different.
    How will you know which meaning is correct?
    So, 雨 - rain, 飴 - candy. @_@
    Sorry, if I made a mistake. English is foreign for me.


    because they are still used in Japanese language
    if you read a Japanese book and see 漢字 -- what will you do?
    i think in the future they will kick them out of language
    the excuse "different words with same pronunciation" never happens in oral speech
    if someone says "i want to eat あめ" no one thinks about eating rain :D

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