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does "institution"here mean "school?"

In 1900 young Gabrielle had to make a difficult choice. The Aubazine nuns kept no orphans beyond age eighteen, except those wishing to enter the novitiate. Gabrielle, with little interest in the religious life, found herself taken in by an institution in Moulins administered by a congregation of canonesses. There the occasions to go out were few, and the reason for them always had to be pious.

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    Because the institution was run by canonesses, and they demanded a pious reason for going out, we can guess that whatever type of institution it was, it was religious in nature. Was it a school? I doubt it. In 1900, there were rarely "schools" for young women over eighteen, such as Gabrielle. The purpose seems to be to provide a home for orphans who have reached a certain age. Of course, it is possible that while living in such an institution, the women could be taught skills such as sewing. I therefore suspect the institution was some type of home for young women orphans who have attained the age of eighteen. But really, there's no way to know for sure, since we only have this one, short paragraph, which doesn't provide a great deal of information.

    From context, I'd say the institution in question is more likely to be a "convent" than a school.

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