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What's the difference between "bien entendu" and "bien sûr"? (And more..)

What's the difference b/w "bien entendu" and "bien sûr"; are they used in the same context?

Also, I know that "bien entendu" means naturally or of course, but could it also mean "well heard", and if so, how would it be put differently?

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    While French isn't my native language, I'll venture an answer, seeing as no one else has.
    Bien entendu is used as "understood," because, like you said, it literally means "well heard." An example might be "j'ai bien entendu" meaning "I gotcha" ;) "Bien sur" means "for sure," as in "avez-vous faim? Oui, bien sur!"
    S'il y a quelqu'un qui veut me corriger, vas-y!

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