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How would you use "or" (as a conjunction)

How would you use "or" (as a conjunction)?

I looked up that "or" means "now", "so", or "yet", but I'm not sure how that works. Is it used primarily in a literary sense? What are some good examples/sentences using "or" and their meanings/translations?

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    "Or" can be used just like "mais": "Il voulait acheter du pain, or il n'avait pas de monnaie" (You can exchange "or" for "mais" in this sentence).

    It can be used to add a new data that will play a crucial part in the following sentences:
    "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge prit le chemin de la forêt; or le loup y rôdait...".

    It can also introduce a new data in a reasoning, before a conclusion is drawn:
    "L'assassin s'est enfui en voiture; or le suspect ne sait pas conduire; donc il ne peut être l'assassin.".


    It's a highler level of speach. I don't think I ever use it in normal every day life. A bit too posh and bookish for me.


    It's definitely not a colloquial term, it is mostly used in books or in official speeches.

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