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what are some good techniques to improve my pronunciation in German?

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    Think of a couple of word and sentences, look up their pronunciation and practice a little. Do this every day/week (depending on what you have rather, obviously every day is quicker.)

    Or get a native German speaker on skype and talk every now and then.

    Or move to Germany for a while.

    German online radio

    Best: practice with native German speaker on skype
    Decent: go to live much a, do the audio practice speaking/recording, wait for someone to correct it with audio.w


    Maybe you like the videos from these people here:
    Bis bald :)

    You have to listen to a lot of spoken German first in order to familiarize yourself with our sounds, melody of speaking, intonation and so on. You want to listen to a text that you can also read along with, in order to understand it better.

    One thing you should keep in mind: There is no one "German" pronunciation, we have a lot of regional differences which also will have an impact on how a person will say certain sounds, words, or sentences. If you want to learn the standard German pronunciation, make sure you listen to standard German (or something that comes pretty close to it, I guess no one really speaks proper standard all the time).

    Next, you should try to make the same sounds. Repeat what you have heard. You could record yourself and listen to it in order to see whether you got it right, or preferably talk to a native German speaker who can help you with it. It would be helpful to get someone who will focus on your pronunciation with you, they could help you improve really quick as they will know what to look for.

    Hope this helped, if you got any more questions you can just contact me on here. Good luck!

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