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Help needed to find a Chinese name! :)


I would like your help in finding a Chinese name for me. My name is Elena, which means "shining light".
I don't like 海伦. And I don't identify with 明霞. Is there a name to do with bright sunrise, dawn, the dew you find on grass at dawn, the fresh air at dawn? Or just with light, or sparkly things?
Thank you so much!

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    How about “温煦”? It means warm and sunny.


    晨冉chen2ran3 or 晨曦xi1

    韩文良 How to

    how about "那亮“,那sounds like na in your name, and is also the family name of a chinese famous singer "那英”,and "亮“ means bright, when the night over and day comes, we say 天亮了。just an advice, hope you like it.

    two ways
    1 use officially translated Elena to Chinese symbols
    2 choose "brand new" name using good and melodious words

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