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Where do I start?? Complete Beginner!

Hello all. I want to learn Italian immensely since my heritage is Italian and I have always been interested in the culture and language. I took it upon myself to find some sites and this looks like quite a good one filled with people who know and others who are learning the language! I just really want to know WHERE to even start. I know some basics, but am iffy with forming many sentences for example I will attempt one "Loro sono mangiando un pane e una mela" is that right? Well anyways I hope there is someone out there who can help instruct me where to even start with a language so I can begin to actually learn it! Thank you all!

For learning: Italian
Base language: English
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    A great way to start would be to grab some vocabulary :)
    So pick a topic: food, household items, places etc...

    Then, I would start with two crucial verbs in Italian or any language: 'Essere' (to be) and 'Avere' (to have)
    The first thing you need to use when conjugating a verb is the use of a personal pronoun. Note the following:

    I = Io
    You (singular) = Tu
    He = Lui
    She = Lei
    We = Noi
    You (plural- You all) = Voi
    They = Loro

    In the present tense, you would conjugate it like so:

    Io ho
    tu hai
    Lui/Lei ha
    noi abbiamo
    voi avete
    Loro hanno

    Io Sono
    tu sei
    Lui/Lei `e (accented e- pronounced 'eh')
    Noi siamo
    Voi siete
    Loro sono

    If you would like, I'm happy to start teaching you some italian. I have learned it all the way through school and I'm also of Italian heritage :)
    Message me if you would like :)

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