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How to use ”このまま”?

Please give me the meaning and some example sentences that show the usage of this word.
Thank you very much.

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    このまま also means "like this" and "at this rate"
    For example: 「私たちはこのままでずっといたい」 which means "We want to stay/remain like this".
    Also, 「このままでいいです」 => It's OK the way it is.
    And, 「あなたはこのままで食べれば死にますよ!」"You'll die if you eat at this rate!"

    I hope you can understand the various uses of this word now! ^_^

    このまま=keep doing something in the same way

    Go on along this way.(in taxi etc.)


    此(こ)(demonstrative pronoun)+ の(particle)=この 
    儘 (まま)=状態で (状態に変化のないこと) the condition not having the change

    Ex1) norn +の+まま = 学生のまま/ 子供のまま 
    Ex2)~た(form of a verb)+まま= 雨にぬれたまま/ 
    立ったまま待つ(to wait standing)
    Ex3)  ありのままのあなたが好き(I like you just the way you are)

    I hope you can understand my poor Englsih.... (^^)/

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