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What imaginary place would you most like to travel to?

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    beside heaven maybe a place in ASIA :)

    a place where im surrounded by only love and happiness and there is no such thing as money!! everybody is treated equal^^
    The Bermuda Triangle area would be an interesting place
    i want to go in aboot in sea

    The past. Like I don't know, perhaps to Rome during the 1st century before christ. But...with some history books, an ipod and other gadgets. So you can really show off and make predictions about stuff so the Romans will think you're God or something like that. :P How cool would that be. Haha. :P
    imaginary place ,u can travel only in your dream ,becuase imaginary place is difficult to find in these world , if you image any place and u go their then u imagin another place ,so u can not fulfill from your side better u can fly as much u fly in yur dream to find yur travel place

    Iceland and Grand Canion in USA

    mostly in china because i love china but i have to save money for 10 years or more

    An imaginary thing or a place for a person may be real for another person. When a person have seen the place where imagined before, it becomes real for him/her. When I have seen the place where I imagined before, I think that the place isn't as beautiful as I imagined before. Be sure that the place where you are living now may be an imaginary place for other people. Now, some places where I haven't seen yet are imaginary for me. In the most countries there are imaginary places for me. And I want to see there. But I am not able to do it now.
    A beautiful place itself isn't enough to become beautiful. When I am together with a beutiful and nice mate and nice friends in a beautiful place, it becomes beautiful place for me. I think when a person is alone in heaven, it is not heaven for him/her.

    a place where there is no night and day, no work but only play! a place where everything is free!!! everybody is equal regardless of gender, race, religion and color... only clean and beautiful things and sites to see... i hope there is such a place like that, or maybe i'll just continue imagining?!!! :-(

    I think it would be Neverland becouse in that place even food is imaginary, so u can eat a lot of your favorite food any time you want. Neverland is far the best place i could be, because you can even fly and do whatever u want. The only problem is that i'm too old to go there! :(

    my dreams ... i always go there... such i cool place...(^_^) full of great stories.. and glory hahaha... it's for free .. no need to save money for it .. and u can go there whenever ... most of the time u'll find me there haha \\(^O^)//

    i envy crazy ppl.. they have thier own world.. they hear what they want to hear .. and do what they want to do ... ppl may make fun of them (( eventhough we r doing the same thing)) .. but they r still happy .. sometimes i wonder what they r really thinking off ??.. be crazy sometimes... loosing ur mind for a while is healthy .. take my word !!

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