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Does Dutch have case system?

Does Dutch have cases for nouns? I have the book called"Essential Grammar"..but it doesn't say anything about noun cases of Dutch, so that's what's baffled to express "possessive"since nouns of Dutch do not have genitive case, but when I searched Wiki(which I use very often)...I find the description of Dutch noun declension...
het huis (the house)
Nominative het huis
Genitive des huizes
Dative den huize
Accusative het huis
Nominative de huizen
Genitive der huizen
Dative den huizen
Accusative de huizen
So...what's the proportion of noun declension?....becoz some says Dutch people do not use cases system that much now......

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    You do have genitive case in Dutch but it is used very rarely.
    E.g. De heer des huizes.

    The nominative is far more important.

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