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japanese letters

como puedo escribir en japones si no tengo el abecedario en mi computadora? soy de mexico
how can I write in japanese on my computer? , I'm from mexico

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    Control Panel > Date, Time, Language and Regional Options
    Languages > Install files for East Asian Languages
    Details > Text Services and Input Languages

    It gets somewhat self-explanatory from here.

    When the IME is set up you can use ALT-SHIFT to switch languages, and ALT-TILDE to switch Japanese typing modes.
    To type a kanji type its hiragana (Your keyboard is English, so you really type Romaji) and hit SPACE until you find the right symbol, then hit ENTER. To type katakana, type the hiragana word, then hit F7. どもうありがとうミスタアロボト!

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