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What's the difference between 는데 and 는 것을?

I'm confused because I've read that both of them can be used to tranform a Verb to a Noun.

For example:
My mother said she travels.
a) 는데 = 내 엄마 여행하는데 말했어요.
b) 는 것을 = 내 엄마 여행하는 것을 말했어요.

Also, sentences like: He said you are beautiful or I sing the song we sang yesterday.

Sentences which have two Verbs so you have to put both of them in one sentence.

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    The translation of the example you put isn't correct,I am afraid.:(
    It will be "우리 엄마는 여행간다고 말했어요." (without honorifics)

    1. someone said that... = (someone)이/가....라고/다고 (말)했다.
    2. my mom = 우리 엄마 not 내 엄마
    3. He said you are beautiful >> 그는 네가 예쁘다고 했어.
    4. I sang the song we sang yesterday >> 나는 어제 우리가 불렀던 노래를 불렀다.

    There is no "는데" or "는 것을" in your sentences.:(


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