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am I right?

Born of a richly maintained opera singer and a father whose identity could never be disclosed, Suzanne loved to adopt theatrical attitudes and disguises. Here she is in a burnoose posing in the Aures Mountains of Algeria.】

does "Born of a richly maintained opera singer "mean "Suzanne was born in a rich family, and become a opera singer? and can't find any information of her father "?

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    I would say that Suzanne was born to a mother who was a rich opera singer, and a father whose identify that for whatever reason, Suzanne never disclosed to anyone. It is hard to judge from such a short text, but no where is it implied that Suzanne did not know any information about her father. Instead, she seemed to prefer not to tell anyone who her father was, perhaps in an effort to be mysterious and to create a sense that her father was "more important" than he really was.

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