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what does "on a regular basis"mean?

Balsan, at the time of his encounter with Gabrielle Chanel, had the look of a young man of means making his mark in all the fashionable places. And he took a not inconsideable pride in the mastery with which he had succeeded in casting off Emilienne after a whirlwind affair. Of all the courtesans of the era, this one was reputed to have the most voracious appetites. Did she not, without batting an eye. ruin the young Due d'Uzes? Moreover, there was no one in Paris who did not know for a fact that eight members of the Jockey Club had pooled their resources and formed a kind of corporation whose sole purpose was to secure the lady's favors on a regular basis.

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    On a regular basis means 'from time to time'. It could also mean 'as and when required'.

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