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what does "a bit passée"mean?

But all that had finished by 1907, and thereafter the famous femme fatale no longer had any interest in seizing the assets of ducal heirs or the family jewels of an old, bearded sovereign. Having made her fortune, Emilienne only thought about her literary ambitions. She saw herself as a poet, and wore winged collars. Actually, while still a great favorite of the scandal sheets, she had become a bit passée in the demimonde. At thirty-three, Emilienne found one of her latest passions in Alec Carter, the jockey with three hundred victories to his credit and the idol of the whole turf crowd.

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    Hey! Te term 'passée' is actually taken from French word meaning passed and it means that something was a bit outdated. In this term it means that she was no longer popular and had past her prime.


    Passée means out-of-date, no longer new and popular.

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