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How do you use "on" and "y" ?

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    They are 2 different things entirely. "On" is like a "we/us/some/some of us/they" when it's not important to know who did it. For example "they say you can't" is "On dit qu'on ne peut pas" (both pronoun could be replaced by "on" because we don't know who said it, and it applies to we don't know who (could be all of us, just some of us).So "on" is not precise, that's the main thing about it.

    "Y" is usually to replace the place mentionned in the previous sentence. For example, "are you going to the cinema ? Yes we are" becomes "allez-vous au cinéma ? Oui, on y va" (yes "there" we are going). I choose "on" again, because the question was asked to several people (vous) and I decided it was not important to say if all of us was going, but I knew at that most of us would. If I wanted to make sure that you know that all of us are going, I would have said "oui, nous y allons", but it sounds more formal to me. "on" is easygoing.

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