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Can someone from China tell me about Chinese business cards?

Ni hao,

Wǒ jiào Nicole. Wǒ shì zhōngwén xuésheng. Business card zhōngwén zenme shuō?

Can you please explain to me how Chinese people exchange business cards? This is different from the American custom I think.


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    I'm not from China, but I have schmoozed in China. One of the biggest differences between American customs regarding business cards and Chinese customs is that in China it is considered rude to ask someone for their business card. If you want to "suggest" they give you their business card you can offer them yours. If they want you to have theirs they will offer it to you.

    I hope this helps. Cheers.

    A business card is called 名片 ming2pian4. From my experience it seems that they will offer their card to you if they want you to have it. They always give and accept business cards with two hands.

    According to my experience, I don't think that people think it is rude to ask someone for their business cards. Generally,when we meet each other at the first time officially, it is polite to give your card to others with two hands, and most of time the junior staff should do that first.


    名片 ming2pian4 we usually exchange my business card to others when we meet up. Whenever I ask people's business card, they are always glad to offer it to me


    business card:名片 ming2pian4
    we usually exchange our business cards when we meet up. Whenever I ask people's business card, they are always glad to offer it to me

    In Chinese, “名片”. I only know when exchanging business cards, people should use two hands to receive the cards to show respect. No other special things, I think.

    business card = 名片 = míng-piàn
    as far as it was invented in the western countries -- all rules and regulations about it are all western
    it's western people who teach Chinese how to use business cards, not vice versa

    hm... I don't think people are rude just because they ask for my business card. On the other hand, it depends on your attitude, if you stare them in their eyes while holding a 12 inch knife before asking for the business card then yes, it's rude, but I think it's more a personal thing rather than a custom.

    What I have experienced personally, is that people always give you a business card first time they meet you and expect that you give them yours.

    In Chinese it is called a míng piàn, loosely translated a name card. When I first entered a big company, there was a training program that taught me about business manners. When we exchange business cards, we should hold it with two hands, rotated 180 degrees. Thus the card receiver can always read my card directly, without the need to rotate my card again.
    Most employees in my company have business cards. However, not everyone wants to disclose his/her information. For example, as a software engineer, I don't want to give my business card to marketing or business representatives of another company. I only want to exchange business card with engineers just like me.

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