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How to learn the Russian alphabet?

This is aimed at Russian language learners - how did you learn the cyrillic alphabet? What resources do you recommend?
This is the first time I've tried to learn a language with a different writing system and I'm finding it a little daunting.
Any help much appreciated :)

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    There are only 33 letters in the Russian alphabet.
    Most of them you will find to be somewhat similar to the English letters, only looking differently.
    Just think about what you would have to deal with if you learned Chinese.
    Learning the alphabet is so the last thing to worry about in the light of things waiting for you further in your learning process.


    I think this is the simplest part of learning Russian. I learned the alphabet by listening and reading at the same time. I also practiced singing the alphabet – there is a video of children singing the Russian alphabet, which I could find if you want. I have never used transcription, instead I have read out loud sentences then I listened to the sentence to test myself on the actual sounds.

    I also played around a bit with associations.

    "Ahh, this Я looks like a ninja hitting a club against the wall saying "ya!", if we added an additional line to Ю then this letter would a be a person "yu", Ч looks like a menorah and Hannukah is sometimes spelt with a "Ch", for example.

    Play around with these associations ;)

    So, in principle, this is the easiest part of learning Russian. You will run into some hurdles later on the road. However, these challenges will take on a whole different meaning once you make friends and enjoy music and films. There are many wonderful people who speak Russian, not only on this site but also elsewhere. For example:

    Amir Oderbaev from Kazakhstan :)

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