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two sentences with möchten

-Was möchtest du gerne?
Why using a "gerne" instead of "gern"?

-Die möchte ich auch bestellen.
Why there is a "Die" before möchte?

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    1) You can use both "gern" and "gerne", it doesn't matter which you use. You can exchange one for the other.
    2) Articles like "die" can be used as a demonstrative pronoun, in strength somewhere between "er/sie/es" and "diese/dieser/dieses" (and less formal then "diese/r/s"). When speaking, the article in these cases is stressed and lengthened.


    1. you can use either one. it doesn't matter.

    2. die in this case the subject mentioned like for example : Ich möchte eine Katze haben - Ich möchte die haben.

    i hope my explanations helped you.

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