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What does "Молодец" exactly mean?

I saw its Google translation and got 'good for you', which as far as my feeble brain know, is a rather rude expression. Can Молодец be used in polite conversation in Русский?

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    The Google translation is incorrect. We say "Молодец" as an interjection when we praise somebody.
    The English equivalents are Well done! Great job! That's good!
    For children, cats and dogs -Good boy! Good girl!
    It can only be used in informal situations.

    We usually use this word as a praise with the meaning: "a good, clever man". It's applied to the person who has done the work bery well or behaved well.

    Молодец is well done. For example, Молодец! Ты очень хороший студент! - Well done! U are a good student. If you want more information to learn Russian, check this Youtube channel, where you can find useful information for you.

    There are two pretty close but nevertheless different meanings:
    1. Молоде́ц means attaboy!, attagirl!, well done!
    2. Мо́лодец means a young man. This one a bit old fashioned.
    Both of them can be used in polite conversation, but they are informal.

    "Good for you!" in its good meaning is a very good translation of that word. Same as "Well done!"
    But this word can also be a noun that means as Helen also mentioned: "skillful, clever person". Can be used both for male and female. Very often when grown ups want to praise a child. This all is true when the stress is on the last vowel. If you stress the first "o", then it is pretty old word denoting young guy, usually handsome, brave, etc.

    Basically this word is used to say "well done"

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