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Can you help with Russian letters A K M O T ?

So these are the first five letters that I am learning as they are the easiest for English speakers. I understand the pronunciation but now I'm looking for words that include these letters, e.g как, кто, там. Could anyone give me any useful words that use only these letters please? Unfortunately a Google search titled 'what Russian words use the letters A K M O T' didn't really work!

Also, not sure if this should be in questions or the notebook :S

Thanks in advance :)

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    I don't see too much useful Russian words for a beginner. Actually, your question reminds me an anagram solving.
    Anyway, several examples:
    Кот - cat
    атом - atom
    мат - mat / swearing, curse


    Тот, этот, кот, так, том, котомка ( it is a type of a bag), мак, томат, мат, каток, ток

    You can find the most often used words in Russian with the translations at
    Click on any work, and you'll be redirected to the page where you'll hear the pronunciation and see the examples of usage.
    I hope this will be useful for beginning learning Russian.

    Hi, Katrina!
    Anyway, it is for you to decide, if the question you're interested in should be in questions or notebook entry.

    Why have you started from those letters, tell me, please?

    To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have recommended you to start even from an alphabet, it is a Path, which leads nowhere, believe me. I would have recommended you to start, from listening, imagine to yourself, that you are a little child, just newborn, what would you do? yes, you would have listened to the world around, noises, yes, exactly, someone speaks something, they laugh, shout, keep silence, breath... they SPEAK, my first tip for you, one the way of learning russian, or any other language, will be the next, find somewhere a little dialogue, in russian, without any redundant or odd noises, - pure talking, in a normal way, with normal speed, and listen to it, they look into the text of this dialogue, listen and watch, then try to pronounce, you'll know when you're ready to start to pronounce, to proclaim, loudy, please. Don't fear.

    You can buy a book with the CD and follow it,it is basic.or search some example vedios on Internet.
    you should learn vowel first and then consonant,don't study as the alphabet order.
    I am like you,study by myself.sorry for my poor English and, hope you understand me

    K M O T:

    кот - cat
    том - tome, as part of big book
    ток - often used as "amperage"
    мот - usually used as "spendthrift"
    от - from

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