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Aiutami per favore!!

I spent most of my time learning vocabulary and studying grammar. (learning, studying)
I looked all around hoping to find my lost key . (hoping)
The dog ran frantically, barking as loud as ever. (barking)

What case should the bracketed verbs be in... the gerundive or something else? And then could you translate the sentences please? Grazie!!

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    Ho passato la maggior parte del tempo ad imparare il vocabolario e a studiare la grammatica
    Ho guardato ovunque sperando di trovare le chiavi che avevo perso
    Il cane corse freneticamente, abbaiando forte come non mai

    in the first sentence there is no use for the italian 'gerundio', because the actions of learning and studying aren't following any other previous action.

    you can see the difference in the other two: I was looking while hoping, the dog was running while barking.

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