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Why are these Spanish words the same as English?

I was looking online at different translators and see that the words below are the same as in English. I wanted to make sure that they're supposed to be the same and if there is any reason. :) Thanks


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    All the words you mention have the same meaning in Spanish, with different pronunciations. If this is a surprise for you, let me tell you that there are hundreds of words that fall within this same group. Another examples: accidental, artificial, carnaval, conceptual, dental, festival, formal, global, habitual, ideal, individual, legal, manual, material,mental, natural, oral, personal, real, rural, sentimental, social, territorial, total, universal, vocal, and many others.

    That type of words are called cognates, are written the same way but the pronuntation can be different. You'll find more words like that and in all the languages are words like that. Other people called ''universal words'' because are the same in many parts of the world

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