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what does "give the old actress her cues"mean?

In 1923, at seventy-nine years of age, Sarah Bernhardt agreed to appear in a movie. Here she is in La Voyante, filmed in her home at 56, boulevard Pereire, which for the occasion was transformed into a studio. She died three days after the end of shooting,which had been completed in two weeks of daily work. Mary Marquet, who with Harry Baur gave the old actress her cues, recalled in her memoirs "the poor figure all but collapsed in upon herself...Fifty thousand Parisians filed by the bier. Among them was Gabrielle Chanel.

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    The phrase "gave the old actress her cues" is taken from theatrical lingo: a "cue" is the moment when someone is supposed to come on stage or start speaking their lines in a play. "Giving someone their cues" means that the person is helping the actress remember when to say her lines. The implication is that she was not very mentally acute at that point because it was so close to the time she died.

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