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is "Royallieu" a name of a place?

To receive an invitation to Royallieu, a woman had to be fun-loving, capable of wearing boots the whole time, and willing to gallop all day long from one end of the forest to the other. Gabrielle Chanel, having become the mistress of Etienne Balsan, found herself living intimately with a man who was the very incarnation of the sportsman type, oblivious to the world except that part of it where horses raced, seeing only a few close friends, ladies of the demimonde, and jockeys.

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    Royallieu was an area where the stables of Frédéric de Lagrange were located in the late 19th century. Prix de Royallieu is famous horse race in France, which was named after this area.
    Either one would involve horse riding.


    Sounds like it's a French horse race, since they mention horses and jockeys.

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