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тяжело и мудрено

Объясните, пожалуйста, разницу между словами ТЯЖЕЛО и МУДРЕНО, с примерами.
(in English if possible :)

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    Oooxx и мудреный вопрос Вы задали, однако!
    Well, I guess "тяжело" means just "hard'' - hard to do, hard to realise and so on. "Мудрено" seems to be translated in the same way...but you should remember that "мудрено" is just the short form of "мудреный" (intricate), so you could see the difference in the connotations... So if you say "тяжелое задание" it means it's just hard to do, but if you say "мудреное задание" then you mean it requires you to be really brainy and skillful to cope with it.
    I hope it's quite clear...but I'm not sure :D


    In fact these words have different meanings. For example: Говорить об этом тяжело. It's hard to speak about it / Немудрено- easy, no wonder. Немудрено, что это возможно. No wonder it's possible.


    Sorry, you mean Мудрено so тяжело and мудрено have the same meanings. For example: Это мудрено. It's wonder / Это тяжело. It's hard.


    Тяжело is used when action you are going to perform requires much power to be done.
    Мудрено is used when action you are going to perform requires much consideration/thinking to be done.

    However, in modern russian language, people are inclined to mistake these words and use them interchangeably.


    Тяжело=it's difficult to do.(you have to use your physical and sometimes your mental energy for it)
    Мудрено=It's difficult to understand.(you only have to use your mental energy for it)

    Мудрено написано, мудрено разобраться=I can't understand what is written, I can't make out what is written) (Maybe it's on some abstruse matter, and I'm not good at it.)

    Мне тяжело поднять чемодан. I can't lift the case. (It's heavy.)

    We can't say "Мне мудрено поднять чемодан" because we only have to use our physical strength to do it, but we can say "Мне тяжело понять" (It's difficult for me to understand ).

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