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"Al azar" - "Random"

Aprendí hoy que la traducción de "random" es "azar" o "al azar" en español, desde el arabe.

¿Pero cómo se usa eso?

¿Cómo se traduce "He pulled a random number out of a hat?"

Es "Sacó de la gorra un numero al azar?"

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    Chris, "azar" means "luck", "fate" or "chance". The combination "al azar" means "random".

    Here are some examples of how this word can be used:

    Los juegos de azar son populares en esta zona
    Gambling (games) are popular in this area.

    Nadie sabe lo que el azar nos depara
    Nobody knows what fate (luck) holds for us.

    You can see that in this examples the word azar is used as a noun. When you say "al azar" it is an adverb.

    Escoger una puerta al azar
    To choose a random door

    You can see that the sentence in English prefers the adjective rather than the adverb, but you can actually also do the same in English, though it is less common compared to English, and say "at random":

    Los jugetes estaban esparcidos al azar
    Toys were spread out at random.

    I hope this helps...

    "He pulled a random number out of a hat" es "él sacó un número al azar de un sombrero". Tu traducción está correcta de todas formas.

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