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What is the difference between 可以 and 能? Or can I use any of them?

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I forgot to add 会!

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    Do you have more concrete example about 可以and能?

    They both mean can, be able to do something. For example:

    But 可以 has more meanings. For example, it can mean be permitted to do something.
    I am over 18, so I am permitted to watch restricted movies.


    会 : 1、skills eg : 我会写汉字。
    2、possible eg : 明天会下雨吗?
    3、will eg : 我明天会去北京。

    能:1、restrict eg : 你不能这么做。
    2、capability eg: 他能说很多国家的语言。

    可以: 1、suggestion eg: 你可以和朋友一起解决这个问题。
    2、allow eg: 我可以用你的笔吗?


    (from 现代汉语词典, the most authoritative dictionary on modern Chinese)

    I agree with Matt, here I will give you some instance follow Matt's answer:
    会means have the skills of doing something thought studies, 能and 会 means be able to do something
    我可以 /能问你个问题吗?In this sentence, 可以 and 能 means be allowed to do something
    我可以/能理解你说的话。Here, 能 and 可以 means be able to do something. without study , so you can't use 会 in this sentence
    如果你走了,我会很难过的。 if you go away, i will be sad. Something will happen in the specific context.

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