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When to use 이/가? Informal for 주세요?

When do I have to use 이 & 가? (I know 이/가 are placed after nouns and it depends on the existence of 받침)
When I say 치킨 주세요, do I have to add 이 after 치킨?
Why do I have to put 이/가 after nouns?

How can I say 주세요 in an informal way?
Same goes to 맛있게 드세요, is there an informal way to say that too?

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    You don't need to add particles before "주세요" when talking in an informal way.:) terms of grammar, the object particle 을/를 goes with "주세요" NOT the subject particles, 이/가/은/는 like "치킨(을) 주세요."

    It's because "주다" ,which is the dictionary form of "주세요", is a transitive verb.

    "주세요" by itself is an informal form.:)

    Here are some other forms of "주다"

    1. 줘 >> informal, not polite
    2.주세요 >> informal, polite
    3. 주십시오 >> formal, polite


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