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what does "arrived"woman mean?

At first, Gabrielle had infinite difficulty adapting to the exigencies of business. She possessed little comprehension of how to deal with the pretty women who appeared for the first time and whom she knew to be clients of Reboux, Georgette, or Suzanne Talbot. These competitors, all famous, "arrived" women, had passed through the hard school of Parisian ateliers, submitted at a young age to training under a severe and demanding premiere. As a result, they knew all the subtleties of the trade. This was certainly not the case with Gabrielle Chanel, who had received no professional preparation whatever. A certain looseness prevailed in that first boutique, where the comings and goings proved enormously intriguing to a tradition-minded public. Sometimes it was the handsome Boy, sometimes Leon de Laborde, and then again it could be Balsan who dropped in to say bonjour.

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    "Arrived" women are women who were already successful in their business.

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