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ממני, יותר and comparatives


I am confused about the comparatives.

For example, what do these three sentences mean exactly...
1) זה גדול ממני
2) זה גדול יותר ממני
3) זה יותר ממני
Are the first two the same? How would you translate these three sentences?

What is the correct way of saying these:
(or maybe there is more than one way that can be used?)
4) This is bigger than me
5) This is too big for me
6) This is too much for me

When do we use יותר, and when do we leave it out? Is there a rule?

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    1. It's bigger than me
    2. the same
    3. literally it means - "it's more than me", but it doesn't sound good in hebrew

    4. זה גדול ממני/עבורי/עליי (תלוי בסיטואציה)
    5. זה גדול מידי עליי/עבורי/בשבילי
    6. זה יותר מידי עבורי

    there is no rule that i know of, sometimes you must use "יותר", like in number 6, but sometimes it's not necessary

    hope i helped,

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