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What does "para mi es todo uno" mean?

Examples would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hi Filipe,

    This phrase means that several things are a single one for you.


    • Para monseñor de Mazenod, Cristo y la Iglesia es todo uno (For Bishop de Mazenod, Christ and the Church are one).

    • Ser todo uno te permite vivir el momento de una forma distinta (Being all one allows you to experience the moment in a whole different way).

    • El carácter sagrado de los monumentos y la vida de los habitantes son todo uno (The sacred character of the monuments and village life are one and the same).

    • Ël sostiene que no existe distinción última entre los seres humanos y Dios por cuanto todo es uno (He argues that there is no ultimate distinction between humans and God since all is one).

    • El de dentro y el de fuera, el de arriba y el de abajo, todo es uno (What is inside and outside, what is above and below, everything is one).

    • Todo es uno e indivisible (All is one and indivisible).

    Hope this helps.

    In Spanish, this sentence isn't used. With this sentences you are intended say that all of them "something" or "someone" are only one for you . Is like, "All my coworkers are my friends" without any exception

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