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do these two words mean the same?

Does "thundershock" mean the same like "electric shock"?

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    Thundershock does not exist as a word in the English language.
    It is the name given to a Pokemon character that shoots lightning bolts and paralyzes opponents.
    However, the name doesn't make any sense, since thunder is the sound that lightning makes. The thunder is produced from electricity (the lightning) but does not produce any electricity itself.
    "Thunderbolt" would make more sense, because that is actually the flash that occurs with lightning, and also refers to a sudden emotional shock.


    Hi Mike,

    Thunder is a sound produced during storms, you can't be shocked by thunder so it does not mean the same thing as electric shock.

    In looking online thundershock is related to various online games.

    Electric shock is a shock caused by electricity , however, electricity is not totally equal to thunder .

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