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What does (shooting yourself in the foot) mean?

What does (shooting yourself in the foot) mean? Can you give me examples? Thank you!

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    when you do something to your own detriment - not an accident like falling down the stairs, it's more like getting yourself in trouble or making things difficult for yourself. for instance, while talking you might accidentally reveal something you'd done wrong.

    to do or say something that will cause you a lot of trouble or harm, especially when you are trying to get an advantage for yourself
    shoot yourself in the foot when you play game all day.


    Shoot yourself in the foot is a phrase that comes from a time in the US when nearly everybody carried a side arm (gun). If you went to draw your gun from the holster, and you were not careful, you could accidently fire the gun too early and shoot yourself in the foot. If you did that, you had harmed yourself before your could use the gun to defend yourself and had been your own worst enemy.

    This phrase has lived on and is now used anytime somebody causes themselves a problem.

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