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Proper way to write phrase in Japanese? TIME SENSITIVE PLEASE HELP!

I'm in the Japanese culture club for freshmen at my school and we need to design stuff for marketing, but since we just started the club this year, we don't know much Japanese.

Basically the question is: What is the best way/How would you write "Japanese Culture Club" in Japanese? I have seen many different ways online using kanji, hiragana, and combinations so how is the best way to do it? We are on a club submission deadline and need this finished quickly so please respond if you can! We would really appreciate it! :)

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EDIT: Was trying to do more research on the subject and found an anime called Eyeshield 21. Getting to the point, they have to recruit members for their football team from other clubs and every club name on their list ends with 部. This confuses me because 90% of the responses I've gotten from this site and others say the best way is to write it as 日本文化クラブ instead of 日本文化部. Can anyone provide a more detailed explanation of what the difference would be and how each would be used?

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    Suzumiya made an excellent suggestion. This is just another possibility: 日本文化倶楽部. Both this and 日本文化クラブ mean exactly the same thing, with the only difference being that using all kanji gives the club name an "older, more traditional" feel, whereas using katakana gives it a more "modern and young" appearance. 日本文化部 is also possible, but this is actually a bit more like "Japanese Culture Section" than "Japanese Culture Club." So your best choice is either 日本文化クラブ or 日本文化倶楽部, depending what "feel" you want to give to the club name.

    Perhaps the best way I can describe this difference is to compare how a club name in English would feel if it were written in (1) Gothic font versus (2) "space age" font.

    日本文化クラブ Nihon/nippon bunka kurabu is the most logical one.

    I feel seriousness about 部
     書道部(shodo-bu) 柔道部(judo-bu) 華道部(kado-bu) 茶道部(sado-bu)  体操部(taiso-bu) バスケットボール部(basket ball bu)

    書道クラブ 柔道クラブ 華道クラブ 茶道クラブ 体操クラブ バスケットクラブ
    I feel those names are for social activities, not a school activity.
    So I think you should choose 日本文化部.
    If your club was not a serious one, it wouldn't matter which one you choose.

    日本文化クラブor 日本文化倶楽部 is good.
    Secound choice is 日本文化研究会 or 日本文化交流会

    研究会 mean "reserch club"
    交流会 mean "exchange club"
    Japanese likes to odd the word " research" or "exchange" to culture club name.
    ex) At my university, African culture club is named アフリカ文化研究会

    I hope you can choice good name (^^)

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