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*** Областен управител и директори стиковат действия

*** Най-вероятно учението цели да се стиковат отделните щабове в МВР, армията и службите…

*** София и Рим стиковат позиции за "Южен поток"

*** Американският безпилотен товарен космически кораб „Дракон” се стикова днес с Международната космическа станция.

"Стикова" does not appear in any dictionary, but its meaning is obvious from the above contexts: link up, coordinate. However, I do have some questions about this word:

1) Is it new?

2) Is it journalese (vocabulary and expressions used only by newspapers) or is it used by ordinary people in everyday conversation?

3) What do you think the etymology is? Any connection with "stick" (v)?

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    Yes, it is new word and yes it comes from 'stick'. It is not in the dictionairy and I hope it will never go there.
    In the last few years some people, like journalists and one group of people (from the intelligentsia and tеenages,etc.) who pretending being very smart and intelligent and using in their speach words taken from English. Sometimes they use these words in wrong meaning, but who cares... For example, they "принтват", they were "на трип", and so on. The newspapers are full with that kind of words, sometimes you can't understand what is written if you don't speak English. I have speacial opinion about these people and this phenomenon, but it is not very good and I will keep it for myself.

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