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how to pronounce spanish language . I have very problem to speaking in spanish.

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    Hi Chandan, I found these tips for you:

    1. Pay Attention to Vowels

    There are plenty of English-Spanish cognates in Spanish, so it can be tempting to pronounce them in the same way as they are pronounced in English. Focus on pronouncing each vowel clearly and correctly.

    2. Practice Rolling Your R's

    Pronouncing the Spanish R/RR like the English R is probably the most prevalent and difficult problem that comes up when English speakers learn Spanish. This is not an excuse to be lazy-- it's important to try because you will get better only through practice.

    3. Open Your Mouth

    It is pretty easy to speak English without opening your mouth much. However, many Spanish words are easier to pronounce if you open your mouth wider to pronounce the more exaggerated vowel sounds that exist in Spanish.

    4. Pick up on Regional Variations

    Spanish sounds different depending on where it is spoken. If you are learning Spanish with the intent to visit Spain, you will notice that S and soft C are is pronounced more like "th".

    5. Listen

    Your ears are surprisingly good at training your vocal tract. Listening to Spanish music, watching movies in Spanish..

    6. Keep Practicing!

    Practicing speaking with a native or advanced Spanish speaker is one of the best ways to improve pronunciation. This process will help you unconsciously (and sometimes consciously, if the other person offers advice) improve your pronunciation. Your interest in the other person and their strong knowledge of the language will drive this process. Have fun with the language.

    7. Audio resources

    Try this website for good audio resources:

    8. Other advices for improving your Spanish pronunciation

    Try this website for more good advices:

    Hope this helps.


    I would suggest looking at youtube videos on how to pronounce certain sounds in Spanish, if there are particular ones like "r" or "ll" that are giving you trouble. Also, finding a language partner on italki who can help you with pronunciation would be a great idea! I used to read aloud with a partner and have them correct my pronunciation, then listen to them read aloud while I followed the text and tried to internalize the way they were saying each word.

    It will get easier with practice!


    In order to get acquainted with Spanish pronunciation, I suggest that you start with names. You just have to focus on the pronunciation of a female or male name. It is easier, because there is no question of meaning or conjugation involved. You can start with whose names that are spelled exactly the same in Spanish and English.

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