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Difference between Japanese phrases? Time sensitive! (sorry for the double post)

I'm in the Japanese culture club for freshmen at my school and we need to design stuff for marketing, but since we just started the club this year, we don't know much Japanese.

So I'm looking for the best and most appropriate way to write "Japanese Culture Club" in Japanese for our marketing materials. I have asked around and it seems like the most popular suggestion is to write it as 日本文化クラブ. But I happened to notice in a Japanese show I was watching that all school club names ended in 部. So should it be written as 日本文化部 instead? Can anyone provide a more detailed explanation of what the difference would be and how each would be used? We are on a club submission deadline and need this finished quickly so please respond if you can! We would really appreciate it! :)

***I know I posted a similar question before but I'm running out of time and really need help with an answer so please excuse the rudeness***

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    In elementary school, we have both 部活 and クラブ. The big difference between them is 部活 has a competition (play competitive games against other teams in other school), whereas クラブ doesn't. 部活 should be more serious than クラブ.
    In junior high, high school and college or university, they don't have クラブ (it might depend on school). 部活 and クラブ are interchangeable because those two become the same. In college or university, they also have サークル. It more focus on a relationship or friendship than 部活.

    Both 日本文化クラブ and 日本文化部 sound good because cultural 部活 doesn't have a competition. I belonged to a volunteer club called ボランティア部 in Japanese when I was in high school. If you don't want to be confuse, just end with クラブ, if you are sort of serious about it, you can make it end with 部. It's gonna be difficult to choose, but if I were you, I would go with 日本文化部.

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