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What is the word for think in Mandarin Chinese?

As in

I think i want to eat.

Wo___wo yao chufan.

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    Usually, people would just say 我要吃飯 or 我想吃飯, but I suppose saying you want to do something also works.

    For example:

    我好餓喔!我覺得我該去吃飯了。 (I'm hungry! I think I should go eat)
    時間太晚了。我想我該去睡了。 (It is very late. I think I should go sleep)

    Xiǎng : means think, want. It'll fit the blank.

    However, Mandarin speakers never speak this way. We usually say:
    Wo Yao Qu Chifan Le. You Ren YiQi Ma? (I am going to have some food. Is there anyone who wants to go together?)
    Wo Kuai E Si Le. Wo Yao Qu Chi Fan! (I am starving to die. I want to have some food!)
    Ni YiHui You Shi Ma? Wo Yao Qu ChiFan. (What are you going to do next? I am going to have some food.)

    you are trying to use English grammar in Chinese language
    to express what you want Chinese people say "I hungried = 我 饿了"

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