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How can I say "aprendo y me adapto rápido" in English? (Laboralmente hablando)

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    Hi Fernanda:

    I think It could be:

    • I learn and I adapt quickly.

    But wait to see what someone with more level of English says.

    Hope this helps.


    It depends on what you want to communicate. (Es dependiente que usted quiere decir)

    The literal translation is "I learn and adapt quickly," however, saying you learn quickly implies the ability to adapt and is redundant.

    El traduccion es "I learn and adapt quickly," pero, cuando usted dice que aprendo rapido, el implicacion es puede adaptar y lo es redundante.

    I apologize but I'm not yet familiar with how to type with proper accents and spanish letters using a keyboard.

    Lo siento, no se como escribir en espanol con la computadora pero espero que entiende.

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