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Online Resouces for Learning Korean?

I just finished learning Hangul online, however after that, I can't seem to find any resources for learning Korean beyond the basics. I'm also learning Japanese online, and there seem to be a TON more resources for learning online with that language. Korean is rapidly growing in popularity, so I'm hoping there will be more resources up soon, but for now, do you know any sites for learning Korean? Books are good too if you know any.

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    Well is great for any language, just pick different courses. Download Anki application and look to see if there are Korean decks you can download, or make your own using phrases. Buy a "Travel phrases" book from Lonely Planet or Berlitz on Amazon or local bookstore/or travel store. For listening lessons go to Languagepod101, they have good courses. At least try the demo, I think the Korean site is but I can't remember for sure. Did you check for korean?

  is basically a requirement if you want to learn Korean, with podcasts and documents galore! is a great resource as well. It's all text but the author teaches from the perspective of learning Korean as a second language. He thinks the way you are thinking. is like a dictionary, only much better! With tons of explanations and usage of words and phrases. is also a great resource for grammar.

    There are a ton of Korean language resources online. You'll find them as you progress. But the above are a great start. Good luck! is a good site to learn korean.
    also is a pretty good site too.
    Books; Korean a comprehensive grammar and korean for dummies are good books. also get youself a korean to english/english to korean dictionary.
    pages on facebook like Learning KOrean and Professor oh help learn korean.
    you can also look up some lessons from professor oh on youtube.

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