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What kind of woman would a man want?

Men prefer which type of woman as a partner? Independent? Dependent? Taking everything under control? Or asking opinion of her man for everything? And other character?

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    a woman that would not fear to show who she is and would not change herself because we're together

    Independent. Own opinion. And sweet of course.
    i like sexy woman
    Aboudy, sexy in what kind of way? Physically? Action? Mind? or Confident?

    Simple sweet and honest
    don't care about this, you will always find someone who will love you

    simply,honest,confident,faithful,thuthful,virgin cause when chare honey moon,it's increasing love,beautiful cause when her beauty attracts you alot,respectful,and so serious.


    I'm not a man so i don't know what they want but I know what kind of man i would want... The one who i can live with but who can not live without me! hahahaha!!!

    independent,honest,of course, she must has warm-heart ,this just my opinion

    Nice, smart and honest woman who always have time for a cup of tea by the chimenney. And who knows when to stop drinking and start having pizza hehehe.

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