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Is the form 1 verb for تكلّم (he spoke) ever used?

I have not learned verb forms yet, so I am not sure if my question makes any sense.

I want to know, what is the form 1 verb for تكلّم , and is it used?

From what I found online,

تكلّم is a form 5 verb

كلّم is a form 2 verb

So, is كلم the form 1 verb? Is the form 1 verb used in normal conversation? What is it's meaning?

شكرا جزيلا

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    Hello Ibn Battuta.
    I am going to answer your question by an easy way without no details, because I don't know what level you are in Arabic. In that case, I am going to inform you.Your question actually makes a sense in Arabic.
    In Arabic, verbs can be classified by the number of letters, by the letters using on the verbs and so ones...
    For making that easy, we usually classified by the number of letters. Examples:
    3 letters:
    كتب خرج لعب ...
    4 letters:
    كوثر سيطر لازم ...
    There are a lot of verbs ' 3 letters '. Sometimes we do add a suffix to have another verb from the origin one. For example
    خرج we add a suffix : است then we will have another one: استخرج with another meaning.
    Every suffix has a sense to use, but it's too hard to learn them all. You need to be an intermediate learner in B2 level.
    Now return to your question.
    كلَّمَ is a 4 verb which means ( to talk [he talked] )
    تلكم is an adding 4 verb, we added ت to كلم then we check this one: تكلم which also means ( to talk) [he talked]
    What's the different?
    هُوَ كَلَّمَ صَدِيقَه he spoke [with/to] his friend.
    أنا كَلَمْتُ صَدِيقي I spoke [with/ to] my friend.
    نحن كَلَّمْنَا صديقنا We spoke[with/to] our friend.
    أنتم كَلَّمْتُمْ صديقكم They spoke[with/to] their friend.
    let's see the second verb:
    هو تَكَلَّمَ مع صديقه he spoke with his friend.
    أنا تَكَلمْتُ مع صديقي I spoke with my friend.
    نحن تكَلْمْنا مع صديقنا we spoke with our friend.
    أنتم تَكَلَّمْتُم مع صديقكم they spoke with their friend.
    As you see, the first one can be used with no need of the particle (with مع) because it's an own sense in the verb كلم. In the second hand, the verb تكلم needs a particle (مع with). That's the different. For me questions feel free to ask.
    My channel:


    For the forms of the verbs:
    كَلَّمَ يُكَلِمُ كَلِّمْ
    تَكَلَّمَ يَتَكَلَّمُ تَكَلَّمْ

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