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Объясняйте, пожалуйста, оттенки глагола ЗАВЕСТИ (ЗАВОДИТЬ) на английском если возможно.
заранее большое спасибо!

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Увидел, например, это предложение, и не понимаю его смысл: Такие рассуждения могут далеко заводить. Это значит, что рассуждения целесообразны или наоборот? Как звучит ето предложение на-английском?

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    еще один словарь. В нем 88 фраз с этим словом)

    In this sentence it means that the "reasoning" (or some reasonings , thoughts) can influence or change you life, you mind and etc.
    For example, you want to have a new job in good company, but you must know German language and have some sertificates. You think that it verygood job for you and you want to work there and begin to learn German and do something else.
    You want to have a job and because of it you learn German.
    Job--->continue : German --->
    It can be in your life or in your mind.
    PS: this word have a lot of different means

    Here is the translation of this word:завести
    Actually the word "Завести" has several different meanings. In the context of this sentence it means that the results of such reasonings may have unpredictable results. Usually this phrase is used in a figurative sense and has a negative meaning, that is "You should not follow such reasonings" or "Such reasonings may bring you to the wrong way".
    Literally this phrase means "Such reasonings may take you far"

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