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Do you think it is possible to learn three languages at the same time, German, Russian and Sanskrit?

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Haha I'm focusing on German actually cuz German is my major this year. But I also take Russian and Sanskrit courses in my uni. I am not expecting to speak Russian and Sanskrit that fluentlyXD I know that's not possible at the moment=) I just want to have some general undersatanding of both and be fluent in German only.^^
I'm wondering if I will be crewed up or totally crushing down if I'm switching between Chinese, English, German, Russian and Sanskrit... Haha I hope I won't.

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crushed down

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Base language: German
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    Yes :)


    Obviously yes, if your parents are one from Germany and one from Russia, and
    if your boyfriend speaks only Sanskrit.
    Other combinations are possible.
    Sorry, there are no statistics around, so I can't provide a serious answer.

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